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Whether you’re tackling…

  • heel pain
  • arch pain
  • plantar fasciitis
  • ball of foot pain
  • knee pain

Energy Arch Supports have your back or, more importantly, your feet!

Designed by Podiatrists
Our innovative Energy Arch Supports ensure your feet are ready for your active life.

Dual-Action Gel cushioning
The heel cushion features a unique polymer gel for supreme shock absorption and grip surrounding your heel. At the same time, the midfoot boasts a structured, flexible version of our gel to stabilize your foot and reduce painful movement.

Ball of Foot Cushion
Specially positioned to relieve and cushion the ball of your feet. This is the tender loving care your metatarsals have been longing for to relieve pain and inflammation.

Customized Foot Control
Energy Arch Support molds to your foot, offering personalized control and a comfortable fit in footwear.

Easy Maintenance
These remarkable supports are washable and built to last, making foot care as convenient as a walk in the park.

We’re excited for you to experience and embark on a journey of enhanced comfort and mobility. We’d love to hear how Energy Arch Supports are making a difference in your life.


Share your experience with us!

(Note: not suitable for women’s high heels or dress style shoes)

Energy Arch Supports, 1 Pair

Excluding Sales Tax
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