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Max Support Arch 3/4 Insoles, 1 Pair

Max Support Arch 3/4 Insoles, 1 Pair

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Our Max Support Orthotic is what we would consider an every-person device. Designed to fit nearly every foot type comfortably and provide added support to the arch area. They are made of a rigid EVA material and covered with a foam layer and fabric cover.
When you are considering an arch support type device that you can just put in your shoes and begin walking comfortably from day one, this orthotic is an excellent choice.

• Use primarily in walking shoes or athletic footwear.
• Highly durable.

Directions: Can be slipped right into your shoes and placed in the heel area.
If you are a diabetic or have an open wound or circulatory problem, consult with
your physician before use. This is another quality product distributed by EverythingFeet to podiatrists throughout the USA.

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