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Ball-of-Foot Gel Sleeve, 1 Pair, Left + Right

Ball-of-Foot Gel Sleeve, 1 Pair, Left + Right

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Our soft polymer  Ball-of-Foot Gel Sleeve helps prevent calluses and irritation, due to pressures on the ball of the foot. Conditions such as bursitis, neuritis, Metatarsalgia and others can be helped when wearing this type of cushion.

Will fit in most shoes.

Washable, reusable,  long-lasting and latex free.

Directions: Slip over your forefoot with the great toe in the small loop, and smaller toes all within the larger loop

and with the cushion area under your foot.

Care: Hand wash in warm soapy water. Air dry and reapply talc-free powder as needed.

If you are a diabetic or have an open wound or circulatory problem, consult with your physician before use.

This is another quality product distributed by EverythingFeet to podiatrists throughout the USA.

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