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Our Hammertoe Crest Pads are made uniquely with a higher density gel. There is reduced pressure on the joints and less opportunity for corn or callus formation on the tops or tips of the toe. The enhancement of the polymer ensures that the hammertoes are uniquely maintained in a straightened position while using this device.


It fits comfortably underneath the toes and has an adjustable fabric band to ensure correct positioning of the cushion underneath the toes.


  • Reusable, long-lasting


Directions: This device is placed underneath, holding the hammertoes in a straightened position with the stretchy band over your middle toe.


If you are a diabetic or have an open wound or circulatory problem, consult with your physician before use.


This is another quality product distributed by EverythingFeet to podiatrists throughout the USA.

Hammertoe Crest Pad, 1 Pair, Left + Right

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