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GeloFoam Cushions Your Feet All Day


"Our foot care products have been sold exclusively to podiatrists for the past 15 years. We are pleased to now make these professional quality products directly available to you, the consumer."

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Take Care of Your Feet!

When getting ready for their day, most people don't think about their feet, but they are thinking about them after a long day of running around. When you take care of your feet, they will take care of you!

Featuring our Exclusive PillowSoft Line of Foot Pads

Our GeloFoam cushions combine the best qualities of gel and foam, so you feel like you are "walking on a pillow". Designed and approved by podiatrists, our foot cushions are made of uniquely visco-elastics material, scientifically proven to continuously absorb 97% of harmful shock waves. Prevents damage often referred to as overuse injuries. Comfortably fits in most sports, dress, and leisure footwear.

Pillowy Soft Lasting Comfort


 I have been a foot and ankle surgeon for 21 years... 

I have tried every device possible to accommodate my own painful feet in heels. I haven't been able to find a solution for myself or my patients until I tried PillowSoft GeloFoam Cushions. ​ They allow me to walk in heels without pain the entire day. They are truly a miracle. The technology used to make these pads allows the pads to fit comfortably in heels without tightness. They also provide just the appropriate amount of cushioning so there is no pressure in the ball of the foot. I highly recommend them. -- Dr. Antonella Cella, D.P.M.

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